Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt, the main spy/agent/trainer of the IMF who takes on seemingly impossible missions so that Cruise the producer can rake in the moolah.

The fourth installment of the series directed by Brad Bird sets up a furious pace, taking the audience from one action set piece to another and from one country to another. The movie starts off with a prison break in Russia, a mission in Kremlin, flies off to Dubai and end up at Amchi Mumbai. All this is done to ensure that the world is not ravaged by another nuclear war.

On the way, there are some humourous sequences, fast paced action, sandstorm, cleavages and a leachrous Anil Kapoor.

But all this is eclipsed by a sequence that occurs at Hotel Burj, Dubai.

I saw the movie in an IMAX screen and believe you me, during the 7-10 mins of the Hotel Burj sequence, the audience were still & quiet, enthralled by the goings on. The tension and drama that this sequence builds up was absolutely mind boggling. This sequence alone is enough to make the entire movie paisa vasool!

Tom Cruise does a good job reprising Ethan Hunt. Since the stunts are the mainstay of the film him doing the stunts himself brings in a lot of credibility to the role. Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn, first time agent on street does a good job of bringing in the humour element. I believe the producers first got in touch with Shakti Kapoor, but as he was busy, they got Anil Kapoor to enact like Shakti Kapoor.

Story wise, this installment is not too great. In the story department I would rate the 3rd installment as the best of the lot. But, to reiterate, the Hotel Burj sequence is enough to make this a must watch and if possible, do catch it on IMAX.

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