Gibberish#1 – Trouble hovers on

He looked at the creatures with some amount of trepidation. The pink one with multiple (7) eyes seemed to be the most harmless one. It’s habit of crawling behind while looking in front (if it was using it’s eyes to look) was the only disconcerting feature about it. The slimy slug like thing was the worst of the lot. Not only would it leave some sort of a disgusting looking yellowish-green trail while crawling, it would also emit a screechy noise that would grate his nerves.

He was really fascinated by the bird like creature which would flap it’s tiny wings while making pathetic attempts at flying. He was sure it wouldn’t fly, but kept a wary eye on the mighty talons on which the creature seemed to be moving on. But he didn’t have time to be worried about these creatures. No Sir. He had a much bigger problem to tackle.

His Hoover was not working.

He wondered if the nice gentleman on the other side of the portal would help him out. He was sure he would be able to repair the Hoover using all his he different gadgets.


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