Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time | Movie Review

Prince of Persia seems to be solely designed to make us believe that Persia was where Parkour, Public Relations and Tax frauds were invented.

A strictly ok film which has some good stunts, nice CGI and no fun at all.

Prince Dastan, played by a dumb looking Jake Gyllenhaal pairs up with Princess Tamina played by a hot Gemma Arterton. Both go through their roles without letting it down. Ben Kinsley is completely wasted as the evil uncle of the Prince. The only character who livens the proceedings a bit is Sheik Amar who runs a gaming tournament which is used by many to hide and make tax-free money. Yeah, it’s based on Lalit Modi. He should sue them for using his story without permission.

In midst of some good action set pieces you also have to endure some line like these: You need to attain every man’s dream: Love, respect and family. What! No IPad in the list?!

Watch it if you only want to be dazzled by good action interspersed with boredom.

Rating: 2/5 stars.

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