Thoughts on Don2

  • SRK has a ball of a time playing an uber cool don, and the times he dons that persona on the screen, the movie’s imminently watchable.
  • Farhan Akhtar the writer has officially taken a vacation. After waiting for 5 years, he could only come up  with an extremely dull heist movie. He should have extended his break. I know it’s a franchise, and you can make anything out of it, but that still doesn’t give Farhan Akhtar the right to resort to Abbas Mastan style of story writing. I felt like God punished me for deciding to not watch Players.
  • On the other hand, the dialogues, also penned by Farhan Akhtar is the second best thing after SRK.
  • I know it’s a Hindi movie and all, but the ‘romantic’ relationship between Don and Roma  takes the movie even lower.
  • While the Heist wasn’t all that great, Don2 ends up having one of the most cringe inducing climax ever seen courtesy the  ‘romantic’ relationship between Don and Roma.
  • It was good to finally see some good explosions in a Hindi movie. But the number of explosions that a watch was co-ordinating across various distances was hilarious!
  • The production values are excellent, it was stylish and all, money well spent.
  • I know everyone’s kept alive so that Don3 can be done, but please oh please use Boman Irani better next time.
  • It’s not a direct life from any of these movies, but it was disconcerting to be reminded of many scenes from MI series, The Inside Man, Face-off.
  • While Don3 ka release rokna mushkil hi nahi naamumkin hai, please try and not play safe next time Farhan..

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