Tamasha is that one movie where the Star Writer / Director uses his star power to make a movie based on an unconventionally formatted story. Imtiaz Ali’s stardom ensures that he gets all the mainstream elements along with the big budget to pull this off. And the mainstream elements, be it the music by ARR or the star actors (Deepika / Ranbir), blossom and shine in this triumph of a movie.

The film is about Ved and Tara who bump into each other while holidaying in Corsica. Tara has come to see if Corsica is just like how its shown in her favorite Asterix comic. As a bonus she also gets to attend a Banquet. Ved meanwhile has come to Corsica to just get away from everything, everybody and himself. They both love books and this is also used as a plot device. Ved is reading Catch 22 and gets to use some of Hungary Joe’s lines in the aforementioned banquet. Except that he says “Ees Beeg director” instead of “Ees Beeg Photographer.” Imtiaz also takes a leaf out of Catch 22 and keeps the timeline slightly muddled through the movie.

As a child, Ved loves to hear stories and the local story teller (PK Mishra) regales the young Ved with stories which over a period of time gets muddled in the course of narration. When confronted by Ved over the kichidification of the stories, he is told that all the stories are the same so why make all this fuss. The story teller further advises him to just sit back and see where the story takes you instead of pondering and second guessing. This is an advise for the viewer as well to enjoy the movie better.

Ved grows up and due to his over bearing father and societal norms becomes an average Joe in a 9-6 job without an excitement in life. Tara has a better and a carefree life which shines when she encounters Ved in Corsica. Ved is leading a muddled existence like the stories he heard earlier and is at times unable to figure out who or what he is. The movie essentially about Ved rediscovering himself and the pain and joy that he goes through.

AR Rehman’s music is used beautifully. I think after Mani Ratnam and Rakesh Mehra, Imtiaz can be added to the hallowed list of directors who used ARR’s music the best. Chali Kahani, Wat Wat Wat and Safarnama were the highlights.

A few things didn’t work with me though. The crucial scene between Ved and his dad is very well done, but the way the scene ended was a downer. And the entire Ved – Tara fight was extremely well done, but the events leading up to it wasn’t all that convincing. I liked the way the word Bi Polar is used through the movie without being very in your face about it.

Ranbir Kapoor does a great job in the movie and carries off a tough role very well. Very brave of him to go ahead with this not so safe movie after BV. Deepika has a tougher job of having a role where she has to do a lot of emoting and runs through a gamut of emotions throughout the movie. Kudos to her on pulling it off with aplomb.


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