The House That BJ Built

The House that BJ Built

The House That BJ Built is a sequel to Anuja Chauhan earlier book Those Pricey Thakur Girls. Taking cue from the soap opera serials (one of which is based on Anuja’s earlier book), this isn’t just a sequel but a leap of time. The events take place twenty years ahead of Those Pricey Thakur Girls.

The Thakur girls have all grown up and for the story’s convenience, there isn’t much focus on all the married ladies. The entire book is devoted to the two unmarried females and their attempts to be in a relationship.

Samar, the step son of Anjini is now a hotshot movie director who wants to make a Big budget blockbuster movie which is, oddly enough, based on his own family’s story. When he comes across the feisty Bonu, daughter of Bondini, sparks fly and there’s lot of zest and spunk in their encounters. The youngest of the sisters Eashwari is still unmarried and she picks up the threads of relationship from her on and off childhood sweetheart Satish.

The main reason the Thakur girls are together again is primarily to oversee the sale of the House That BJ Built and ensure that there is an equal distribution of the proceeds after all the plot twists and ego hassles are ironed out.

The book is well written with quite a few pop culture references thrown in. It is a fun read and is fast paced. As in the earlier book, there’s a filmy and fun way to surmount all the problems and get a closure. The twists sometimes do come across as forced and convenient, but writing makes you overlook the blemish and enjoy the book.

A good book. Its safe to say that if you liked the Pricey Thakur Girls, then this is a must read.


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