Raavan – Review. RIP Mani Saar

The Fight Club sleeps through Raavan. *sigh* can’t believe it’s that bad 😦

Even Nikhat Kazmi gives a thanda review even though she’s given it 3.5 stars.

Raavan - Mani Saar, welcome to Club R(gv/aavan), its your Aag! Sigh! Never felt so bad, sad, sleepy and my (single) head spinning at the same time! Blame it on Raavan’s ten heads! But where were they ? Remained all inside Ratnam’s head only. First a confession – Its not a review. As usual, just some ramblings. Because a movie so bad and that too coming from one of the best filmmakers of our country, am not in my senses yet. Second confession – Since my nappy days, as long as i remember, have fallen asleep in … Read More

via fight club


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