FIFA 2010: Spain fall off the Swiss mountains

Would you believe it!

Spain had 63% ball possession throughout the match against the Swiss. In fact, about 10 mins into the match, the commentator remarked that at this rate the Swiss can see the football only during the half time. Spain attempted 24 shots on goal out of which 8 were on target. In contrast, the Swiss only had 8 shots on the goal out of which only 3 were on target.

But, those three good attempts were enough for the Swiss to hand over a 1-o defeat to the European champions Spain. In the 52nd minute, Gelson Fernandes shocked the football followers by hitting a goal against Spain. Historically, Switzerland had never won an encounter over Spain in the last 18 matches. What a stage to change that stat and produce the biggest upset of FIFA 2010 so far.

To be fair, Spain did setup some good attacking moves in the last 20 mins, but luck and time were not there on their side today. Perhaps this will result in the formation of  a modern day Spanish Inquisition to know the reason for this shocker.

The FIFA 2010 World Cup has finally come alive.


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