It is said that when Lord Rama is due for death, Yama, the God of Death, is unable to enter Ayodhya as Hanuman is standing guard at the gates and not allowing Yama to enter. Things reach an impasse as Hanuman loves his Lord so much.

To divert his attention, Lord Rama drops his royal ring on the ground where it disappears into a crevice. Hanuman jumps in to retrieve the ring. When he reaches the bottom of the pit however, he finds that there are thousands of replicas of the rings already present. Baffled, he looks around for an explanation. Then he meets vitri who tells him that every once in a while a ring falls in and a monkey comes after it. They realise that its time for Lord Rama to die.

Perhaps this was the way to explain Hanuman about the futility of fretting over events which are anyway occurring again and again in the universe.

This motif – of the thousands of rings being formed again and again – is used throughout the movie Triangle. The movie is an attempt to make a mind bending thriller and it succeeds to a large extent in its endeavor.

A few parts of the movie reminded me of the excellent Time Crimes, but the movie holds on its own later on. The biggest point of any time bending movie is the eternal question – when did it all start at first? Well the story doesn’t offer any answers. It does attempt to close all the gaps quite well, but it does leave the audience with some pointed questions.

I won’t talk much about the plot points as it would give away too much of the movie. All I can say is that it’s a must watch.

The movie ends by starting with one of the countless loops that the protagonist  goes through. She does this because of the mothers love for her kid. But little does she know that what is destined will happen no matter what. No one gets anything more than one is destined to get and wont get it before the time that one is destined to get. Naseeb se zyaada aur samay se pehle kuch bhi nahi milta. But off course there is a way to get stuff that’s naseeb se zyaada aur samay se pehle.

But I’ll share that technique some other day.



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