The Untitled Kartik Krishnan Project

– Imagine your shooting a movie at a house which is your principle location. Suddenly one fine day the house is demolished by the municipal authorities. What do you do then?

– The only known face in the movie gets a role from a big production house and hence in the middle of the schedule can’t work with you due to contractual obligations, now what do you do.
Where the others would have run out of patience and called it quits, Srinivas takes the setbacks into his stride, improvises and delivers a 70 min movie which looks like the work of a pro.

The movie is about Kartik Krishnan, a software guy working with an MNC who moonlights as a back end programmer at A typical fan boy he looks at his hero Srinivas (Vishwesh K) with awe as he (Srinivas) has met his idol Quentin Tarantino and has blogged about it at PFC. One thing leads to another (ahem) and they end up deciding to make a movie based on KK’s story that would be “larger than logic”. Evidently modesty is not one of their virtues.
Throughout the movie, the dialogues are first rate and hold your attention. Be it the scenes between KK and Srinivas or the scenes between KK and his ‘muse’ Swara, the scenario and the dialogues are very unpretentious, real and entertaining.
The scenes between KK and Swara (Swara Bhasker) are funny and sad at the same time. Take for instance the scene where KK attempts at getting Swara to be a part of his project. He wants to make it sound like he’s in control as he’s offering her something; at the same time he’s trying hard to mask his feelings for her. Absolutely loved the way his thoughts for her are shown by just the way he’s constantly stealing a glance at her cubicle and the way he panics when she doesn’t turn up for a day or two. It’s subtle and effective.
Performance wise, everybody looks natural and they don’t seem like a bunch of actors but come across as people who have been shot in real life. KK essentially just plays himself and does a very good job at it. Vishwesh K as the director who loves his tungsten bulbs and blowers with multiple cameras does a very convincing job. Their relationship grows very well from that of a gushing fan boy and his idol to a director and a frustrated script writer trying to get his point across.
The story credited to Srinivas and Vijesh Rajan is good and gradually moves into surrealism. The VFX has been done pretty well and does not look tacky. The background music is good and has been used effectively. The ambient sounds could have been lower at places but the dialogues are pretty audible. The only thing that bothered me was the long gaps between the scenes at the beginning of the movie. If the gaps were intentional I definitely didn’t get the point of it.
The movie is not earth-shatteringly good or really fantastic. It a good movie made with limited resources. It just shows that instead of focusing on complains of not able to make movies if you believe in, if you focus on your goal of making, then there is no stopping you.
After doing this movie, Srinivas would understandably by exhausted by the hard work and would be tempted to take a break. Well, working too hard is right, but I just hope Srinivas doesn’t stop here and continues to make more difference to this medium
The trailer:

First posted on PFC


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