PFCOne 2008 | My Favorites

Now that PFCOne 2008 is over, I thought I would collate my favorite movies from the lot and put it together. You can watch the final results here.

An Accident.
Has a good surreal feel to it..Is mentioned in the comments that there’s a 23 mins movie made..want to catch that as well..

Auto Madar#*@d:


Bas Kya

liked the last line..till then i was like “msg on water waste ??”


accha hai

Deja Vu, Deja Vu.
Hilarious and well done !!

Destination: One of my top 5 movies of the festival.
A poignant tale depicted wonderfully without any dialogues what so ever. My pick of the day.


The movie of the competition !! Note how the kid runs actually runs in a wrong direction and the man catches him. SUPERB !!

Home made Kung fu

Funny and Well made !!

quite good; the payoff could have been a bit better tho..

It Couldve Been
Found it really funny

Was good..but was expecting more when i frst read the synopsis.

Kyunki Saans Mein Kabhi Badboo Thi
Quite good Kenny..u got a big boost by Savita bhabhi

pretty good visually..u must take up movie making more seriously safat !!

Positive Poles.
Pretty well made..could have done with some better acting though.

Post Its
A very well made film with excellent music.

Funny n nice

Small World
Very well made with a good payoff and humour !!

Smoke Without Fire.
The anti smokig theme’s as old as Alam Ara..but liked Ashwani’s take on it..But I wonder what’s with the obsession with the credits..

Sobre la Hierba ..
Simple n nice..

The Anniversary
All other movies seem so pale in comparision (Iam only talking abt visuals).

The Easiest Way

The Shining
Extremely well made with a good payoff. One of my top 5 favorites.

There will be Blood
Very well made and funny..nice.

Did not understand the movie to be honest..but loved the visuals.

Well made, but i still loved Nymph more.

Virtual v/s Reality.
Liked the concept..made me laugh and feel sad for the guy simultanouesly

Why It is?
Good intention..i guess a bit more could have been packed in..

Without Cheese
Expected the ending but i still enjoyed it.


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  1. Thanks Sudhir for appreciating Smoke without fire. Your feedback on the credit thing is accepted and will definitely be less obsessive about it next time 🙂


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