PFCOne 2008: Day One

Well the second edition of PFCOne has kicked off from today. There are 19 movies that have been shown in Day One and the one’s below are the my favorites from PFCOne 2008 Day One:

Movies arranged in alphabetical order

An Accident by Safat Ali | PFCOne 2008 Competitive Section
Has a  good  surreal feel to it..Is mentioned in the comments that there’s a 23 mins movie made..want to catch that as well..

Auto Madar#*@d by Vasan Bala | PFCOne 2008 Competitive Section
KK ROCKS !!!! 

Deja Vu, Deja Vu by Tarvinder Singh | PFCOne 2008 Competitive Section
Hilarious and well done !! 

Destination by Shilpa Krishnan Shukla | PFCOne 2008 Competitive Section
A poignant tale depicted wonderfully without any dialogues what so ever. My pick of the day.

Positive Poles by Suraj Nair | PFCOne 2008
Pretty well made..could have done with some better acting though.

Smoke Without Fire by Ashwani Thakur | PFCOne 2008
The anti smokig theme’s as old as Alam Ara..but liked Ashwani’s take on it..But I wonder what’s with the obsession with the credits..

Tigrophotonics by Asif Anis Khan | PFCOne 2008
Did not understand the movie to be honest..but loved the visuals.

Virtual v/s Reality by Niranjan Rao | PFCOne 2008
Liked the concept..made me laugh and feel sad for the guy simultanouesly 


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