The terror Mumbai has faced in last 3 days has been very depressing. Mumbai being the economical capital has been on target since long, but how long will it continue?

How long do we talk about the high spirit of Mumbaikars?

When do we live our normal lives with out fear and in peace?

How many more heroes like Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar, and Ashok Kamte would sacrifice their lives confronting these terrorists?

How many more youths will be brain-washed for religion and end up losing their lives for so called war for religion?

How many more innocent people will lose their lives in attacks and how many more families will be put to grief? Who is accountable for this?

When will those who help these terrorist acts for money or other selfish motives be caught and punished? Or rather when is our government going to wake up from lethargy and actually take some concrete measures to find out the perpetrators of acts of terror?

When will the so called patriotic politicians come together and work for the country and not for their party agenda?

Where were the politicians when common man was being killed?

They talk of protection of poor, the needy and protection of rights of their communities. They should understand that by carrying out riots for protecting their rights they are only disturbing the common man’s life and public property. Instead they should show their protests in strong way without bloodshed.

We as citizens should be more alert rather than depending on others for protection

We have huge population out of which large population is unemployed. Cant they be used to have a complete a population survey having details of each and every person living in nooks and corners of the country. Every citizen be given Identity Card. Unless the ID card is produced the person can not be buy any goods. This can help to check what goods been bought and by whom. This may call for a strong secured monitoring system.

India should have a strong security network across all the borders may it be the waters,land or air. All the defense forces and policy makers should strategise a strong defense strategy.

India should wake up and come together again like we fought for INDEPENDENCE OF INDIA and fight against terrorism keeping aside all regional differences. If the Indian soldiers would have thought about these regional differences can we live within the country safely? We need to look beyond the region and think of the country.

We need to show this world that we are united and will fight against whatever comes in our way of freedom and progress, may that be any country like Pakistan, America or Bangladesh.

Jai Hind

An Indian



  1. Totally agree.. Lets just hope that atleast now the government acts and takes some actual steps to prevent this from happenning again..

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