Interview with Kailash Kher

First Published on PFC

Like the last time when we interviewed Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, this time also Honhaar Goonda was the driving force behind the decision to interview Kailash Kher. And like last time, Sourav Bhuyan followed up for getting an appointment.

Sourav and I met up with Kailash Kher for an interview at his studio at the Kailasa Studios in Mumbai. It was a free wheeling interview in which Kailash shared his experiences about everything from his struggle days to the formation of the band Kailasa to his south Indian movie experience to their latest soundtrack Dasvidaniya.

A small intro about the Kailasa band for those who came in late – Kailasa is a group whose main members are Kailash Kher, Naresh Kamath and Paresh Kamath. Naresh & Paresh are brothers. The music is composed by the trioka and the lyrics are written by Kailash Kher. They have come out with two albums so far – Kailasa & Kailasa Jhoomo Re. They are currently working on their third album. They have also composed music for movies as well, with Dasvidaniya being their latest release.

Click on the videos below for seeing the interview:

On the formation of the Kailasa Band:

On Dasvidaniya and Shashant Shah:

On Carving a Niche for himself with his unique voice

“Different Generations have different tastes” – What does he think of it?

On his Indian Idol experience and on Music breaking geographical barriers

The story behind the Teri Deewani Song

The various people who have influenced Kailash Kher in his journey through music.

On his love for Folk Music

Kailash on his Struggle Days

Kailash Kher Singing “Mumma” Unplugged

Kailash Kher Singing “Teri Deewani” Unplugged

Kailash Kher singing one of his Favorite songs unplugged


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