Keep off the Grass.

Just finished reading a book called “Keep Off The Grass” by Karan Bajaj. And yes, the grass does refer to dope in case u were wondering.

The opening quote of the book will let u know how the book’s gonna turn out to be:

Why the hell do they have quotes in the beginning of a book. If the author has to say something then he better fucking write it in the middle of the book – Shine Sarkar

I can safely say that if you found the above quote hilarious and witty, then you’re definitely going to love this book. Else this book ain’t your cup of tea or whatever’s your poison.

The book’s refreshingly witty and is introspective at the same time while being completely Indian as well. (Yeah, yeah I know Iam sounding like some of them dumb hindi film heroines.)

It’s based on a US returned PIO who decides to bust his ass in the IIMs (no less). In the process the whole Indian culture overwhelms him so much that only endless bouts of grass, drinks, meditation, cannibals and FMCG makes him see sense in this maya-jaal of life.

A must read, if you don’t mind reading about drugs and if you think that an IIM is one of the holiest places of all.


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