3 Mistakes Of My Life

The third book of Chetan Bhagat has come out. One of the advantages of his books is that they are really cheap. So u don’t think twice before buying the book.

The writing style is as breezy as usual, and like his previous books there’s no strain on ur brains to understand what the author’s saying. Which is good in it’s own way and you tend to enjoy it. The witticism and sarcasm of his earlier books (notably ‘Five Point Someone’) is sprinkled throughout the book. And as usual, the story is about a person who thinks he’s a loser and has an inferiority complex about himself.

The main problem with the book is that it’s a variation of his previous work. Granted they were a success and he must be thinking why to tinker, but it would be better if he starts having a different base for his future stories. He seems to be working on a single template for all his stories. Wish he dishes out something new in the future. As with One Night At The Call Centre, there’s an attempt to give it a realistic spin, which in this book frankly seemed farcical to me. And the plot seemed to be too convoluted to my liking and as usual there’s a typical Bollywoodish ‘Happys Endings’.

A strictly one time read, it’s better that you borrow the book. Not worth keeping in the book shelf.


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