A Piping hot Deep fried Bhajji loses Bheja

Harbhajan Singh, the turbonator, the willy sardar, the obnoxious weed, and also the off-spinner did what many boards of other countries wanted to do, but failed to do for long: he single handedly managed to bring the BCCI and the Indian public into a deep shame. During a T20 match Bhajji lost his brains and took a swipe at fellow cricketer Sreeshant. It left Sreeshanth bawling like a new born baby. And such a loud slap it was, that it stunned to entire country to bay for his blood.

Yes, the blood of the same Bhajji who the entire country and media were vociferously supporting during the Andrew Symonds Sydney saga just a few months back, now suddenly finds himself all alone in the dark. His best buddy and pra – Sachin now I am young but not fit coz my age doesn’t support me’ Tendulkar isn’t there to bail him out this time and is maintaining a stoic silence. The entire board members from Niranjan Shah to the IPL czar Lalit Modi to Sharad Pawar have stunned the entire media by giving the same opinion for the first time in their lives. They all condemned the action and decided to take some actionThe Bawling Cry Baby of their own. They banned the off spinning Sardar for the rest of the IPL tournament. In the process, Bhajji loses his lucrative contract money of nearly 2.6cr and also faces enquiry from BCCI as well. In midst of all this tough talking Mumbai Indians coach Lalchand Rajput also gets slapped with a Level 2 offence and gets 50% of his match fees docked. Apparently he was the designated bodyguard of Sreeshanth and the offense was that he didn’t stop Bhajji’s slap. Sreeshanth meanwhile is only a given a verbal caution and is advised to wear helmets at all times in the future.

IPL has proven to be a resounding success as far as I am concerned. What with never ending issues like the other boards’ resentment to the league; the cheer leaders controversy and now the Slapgate saga, it seems that IPL has what an average bollywood pot-boiler has to offer – sex, violence, masala with a dash of cricket. An extremely spicy combo.

The funny thing about Slapgate is that Mr. ‘I am an aggressive in your face dude’ Sreeshanth is nearly portrayed as a poor cherubic angel. I am willing to bet my bottomest Rupee that Sreeshanth had the slap coming for a long time and the extremely brazen display of aggression during the match against Mumbai was totally uncalled for. It took the guts of a Sardar to correct matters and put the fellow in his place. The only mistake that Bhajji made was that he slapped in public. He should have gone to the dressing room with Kaif n Utthapa to make a mince-meat out of Sreshanth over there. I am somehow confident that the BCCI enquiry will bring something out against Sreeshanth and I hope I am right.

BCCI has appointed one Mr. Sudhir Nanavati for conducting the inquiry. Nanavati had this to say, “Bhajji with his Best PalThe match referee’s report says that one of the umpires, Amiesh Saheba, had warned Sreesanth for his behaviour after the dismissal of a rival player in that match. So I will view the events during the match leading up to the incident too, to verify whether there has been any instigation of any sort. In such situations, the background is very important.” Hmm..let’s hope Sreeshanth is also made aware of his actions as well.

Meanwhile 28th April was a bad day as far as Sardars connected to sports was concerned. One one hand Bhajji was found guilty that day and KPS Gill was also given the old heave-ho the same day. Oh well..that dude definitely had it coming.



  1. Dude,

    Something just occurred to me – the way to get the ministers to approve of the cheerleaders is to have reservations in the cheer leading squad – for SC/ST, OBC,minority etc..

    When the bill for the reservation was passed they were all in favor of it. Why not get that in here as well?

  2. Good Morning – Looks like you just got up. When you were asleep – well people stopped caring about India and Indians. only the groups of people mentioned in the previous message matter. Ok – so I missed that Italian lady running the show – oh wait – that is a different circus.

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