IPL: It's MoneyTime Folks

Indian cricket always had moolah coming to them like there was no tomorrow. But hitherto only international players got access to Big Bucks along with the souls who got through as the “support staff” and the BCCI. But with the launch of IPL (Indian Premier League) the promise and the expectation is that the domestic players will finally see some moolah (along with support staff and the BCCI off course).

IPL officially is credited to the brains of BCCI VP one Mr. Lalit Modi who, when thinking of whatever thoughts he thinks of, suddenly had a Eureka moment in 1996 of having League Cricket. BCCI acted with lightning fast speed and after 11 years it conjured up IPL. Off course we all know this is nothing but shudh bladderdash. IPL was only formed because BCCI wanted to get even with Mr. Subhash “I have my hands in too many pies” Goyal for launching the ICL and having the temerity to enter BCCI’s turf without paying BCCI the requisite hafta.

Once the idea had been germinated as usual the sports body saw to it that at first the concern of revenues is taken care of. The television rights have been sold to SEL and WSG (a Singapore firm sitting on piles of dollars) for more than One Billion Dollars. If you thought that was massive amount of money then have a look at the cost of acquiring each of the league teams have been.

Vijay MallyaThe coveted Mumbai franchise has been acquired by Mr. Mukesh “take that Anil” Ambani Chairman of Reliance Industries for $111.9 mn.

Vijay Mallya who is a Billionaire, Liquor Baron, Airline owner and Overweight won the bid for the Bangalore team for $111.6 mn.

SRKShah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta have picked up the Kokata team for $75.09 mn.

The Chandigarh team has been picked up for $75 mn by Preity Zinta (a jaded Film actress), Ness Wadia (beau of a jaded film actress), Karan Paul (owner of Apeejay Surrendra) and Mohit Burman (dude from Dabur).

So now that things are in place (read: now that BCCI knows how much moolah is it gonna make), everybody wants to know how the franchisees are gonna make money. As of now normal_preity_ness.jpgwe have no clue. Sure, there is some revenue sharing agreement in place somewhere but as most of the franchisee owners like SRK, Preity and Juhi are busy buying calculators that can handle so many zeros there is no clarity of the revenue earning potential. All they know is that if BCCI could earn so much money over the years from cricket without doing anything constructive, even they can then earn similar money. A tried and tested formula if you please.

But hey don’t you underestimate the franchisees’ business acumen. They already have thoughts, plans and strategies in place. Here are some of them:

  • All the Team Mumbai players will be contractually obligated to buy at least 5 DVDs of any new SRK starrer that will be released. And if the movie is a Red Chillies production then 10 DVDs are a must buy.
  • A rule similar to the Team Mumbai rule was going to be enforced on Team Chandigarh. But since Prety Zinta herself doesn’t have any movie contracts with producers the idea was dropped.
  • Team Bangalore will not have any teetotalers as their players. Sorry Dravid & Kumble. Looks like you have to turn to ICL for solace and monetary support.
  • Team Mumbai will wear Only Vimal clothes and fill fuel only from Reliance Petroleum Centres.

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