Thank you Andrew Symonds

(Picture courtesy Courier Mail)

So Team India finally get their way – almost. They get Steve Bucknor removed from the third test and Harbhajan is allowed to play the third test as his ban is pending appeal. As a bonus a complaint against Brad Hogg also gets registered. Egged by the success so far BCCI gets giddy and thunders “No ODI series if Bhaji ban not revoked” Nice, very nice. Finally India wins something in Down Under.

BCCI showed that they are 110% behind the “Boys”. Hence, they took three whole days to finally make noise and get things moving. But off course they’ll take their own sweet time. What with Pawar tipped to be the next President of ICC and Bindra tipped to be the next CEO of ICC it’s quite risky to have a black-spot on you.

ICC also takes up cudgels on BCCI’s behalf and asks CA to “rein in Ponting’s Boys“. After all 70% of cricket revenues comes from India. It’s not a laughing matter at all. No sir, not at all. So they decide to kick the guy who is already lying on the floor – Simply Fantastic. In midst of all this melee, Bhaji’s mom comes somewhere in the picture and issues a very melodramatic “Mera hi Beta Kyun” (Hinglish: My only son why)

The Indian cricket team are currently riding on a wave of sympathy from all parts of the world. Everybody in India feels this is the worst thing that has happened to India ever since the assassination of Bapu. Anil Kumble googles on the Bodyline series and says “only one team played in the right spirits”. OMG, that IS the mother of all the statements.

Mr. Kumble please wake up. Only one team was playing on the last day. A team that cannot survive even two sessions on a docile pitch does not deserve to play – couple of bad decisions notwithstanding. While you and your team mates have been shouting hoarse over Bucknor’s shelf life and his expertise; have you really checked your own batsmen’s expertise? You shuffle Dravid all over the batting position so that you can accommodate a guy who hasn’t any experience in Australia or in the tests. And if the matches watched so far are any indication, please give Yuvraj a break so that he can frolic away in the Sun with whoever fancies to meet him there.

Sachin Tendulkar is being commended for “shepherding” the tail enders. Shepherding?? Ever since Bhaji came to the crease at 345/7 Sachin has contributed 85 runs and the tailenders contributed 97 runs with extras pegged at 13. It was more of a case of the tailenders shepherding the Great Sachin.

Kumble and his team must be mouthing a prayer of Thanks to Andrew Symonds for single handedly ensuring that entire world will overlook the farcical display of batting by Indian team in the second innings. At the present time the Indian team is asking for everything and getting it too. New umpires, revoking of ban, chocolate chip ice cream, volleyball sessions, extension of stay, girlfriends, in short – the whole nine yards. As a Indian cricket fan can we ask for a small wish of our own please? Can we please please win at least one test match in this series so that people like this blogger may actually shut up and enjoy some Indian test match winning moments. Or is it too much to ask for.


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