Dus K – A Review !

First Posted on PFC

Caught up with Dus Kahaniya (or DusK) over the weekend. An interesting film with loads of educational values:

– When driving on a highway one should always use dippers
– When about to have sex or rape a known / unknown girl one should always have a close ended questionnaire handy. Are you a
ghost (Yes/ No/ Ghosts don’t answer this question); Do you have AIDS (Yes/ No/ I have been a lucky slut all my life), etc etc.
Aftab Shivdasani cannot act to save his life
– If you see a lady with only a single ear-ring run for your life – from the movie that is.
– If you’re short on money but want to stage an awesome action sequence, then simply cover the entire screen with an opaque
rainfall so that the audience can’t make out a thing and tries to guess wats happening with the help of audio F/X.

I guess I better stop my wisecracks now before some wise guy cracks up and gives me loads of gallees.

As I mentioned, the movie is interesting. Some stories do work for you some make you wish you were elsewhere. Being a Sanjay Gupta film I thought there might be a few dark movies. The High on the Highway segment directed by Hansal Mehta is the only movie which you can call as a dark film. The director makes a simple story in a complex and a slightly unstructured manner. This makes it slightly enjoyable despite being devoid of a strong story.

The best of the lot were Gubbare and Puranmashi. Gubbare is a movie with an ok premise whose storyline majority of us would be able to guess. But a wonderfully poignant performance by Nana Patekar lifts the movie a few notches above the other flicks. Nana Patekar seems to be going from strength to strength ever since he’s come back from a brief hiatus.

In Puranmashi the director Meghna Gulzar is in fine form with Amritha Sinha delivering a commendably controlled performance. Content wise this has the strongest story of the lot. It’s been shot in a simplistic manner and the absence of a stylized sequence/ camera work makes it an all the more refreshing fare.

Rice Plate marks the debut of Ronit Roy. The story has been lifted/ inspired from Jeffery Archer’s ‘Broken Routine’. The performance of Shabana Azmi makes it a not-so-routine movie. The director pulls of an amazing twist when Shabana Azmi takes a cab to Bandra station and ends up sitting on a bench in CST platform. Wow.. I sure didn’t see that one coming ;). But seriously, a decent watch for sure.

With LoveDale Sanjay Gupta has finally got a film which he can showcase for awards abroad. With this movie Sanjay Gupta has pulled off a masterstroke as a producer. The wonderfully inspired combination of bad direction, pathetic story and an even more pathetic acting makes the film a top contender for the Razzies Awards. Sanjayji, with this movie you will definitely go where no Indian movie maker has gone before.

The other stories range from the not-bad to strictly ok. Couple of stories on couples which focuses on infidelity and revelation of secrets between married couples; Monoj Bajpai attempts to bajao somebody’s game and gets bajaoed himself; an attempt on a ghost story which makes you scared of watching the director’s future films. And there is also a gansta story of good friends who become enemies later. Seemed like an autobiographical movie to me (Dutt and Gupta).

The advantage with a movie based on short stories is that it will end up pleasing everybody sometime or the other. Flexibility of multiple genres in one movie means there’s something for everybody. If you don’t like any movie, it’s short enough so that it doesn’t get into your nerves. And once the bad movie is over you can put the movie out of your thoughts and watch the next one. But overall DusK has more of so-so movies. You may never be bored during the movie but it’s not good enough to pay the high price of admission in a multiplex. Recommended for rented DVD..


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