Enuf is Enuf

“MUMBAI’S RESILIENT” screamed the dailies in the aftermath of the bomb blasts urging the Mumbaikars to “BOUNCE BACK”. Evidently Mumbai’s a tennis ball with an extraordinary tensile strength. Hey we might as well be a tennis ball; cause we sure as hell aren’t functioning as a metropolitan city.

Picture this: A city that makes the highest contribution to the country’s exchequer does not have funds to deploy additional 50,000 policepersons. Apparently, the state govt decided that giving an adequate security to the citizens of Mumbai is quite optional. Which makes us wonder where has all the funds gone to: its sure as hell not going towards improving the infrastructure (the rains prove it year after year). And the existing police force has been extremely busy in the last year and a half in ensuring that the dance bars are kept properly in check. The powers to be are of the esteemed opinion that the job of the police force is to work as moral police. As a by product they have an additional job of providing security. So, the wireless of the police in the nightly vigil is filled with messages being exchanged about the status of the various dance/ladies bars. As a result, the networking amongst the gangs that the Mumbai police was once renowned for has gone for a toss.

The MLCs really know on which topics to raise in the assembly and which not to raise. So when statue of a lady is desecrated, riots break out in various parts of the city, and Mumbai is nearly held hostage in the memory of some person who most of us forgot existed. Not only that, the legislative assembly is disrupted and assembly functioning is nearly stalled. There were also threats to do the same in the RS as well. I really marvel at the ability of these guys to whip up passion at those incidents which have no impact on the common man. Conversely when Mumbai is struck by the blasts and 200 plus people lose their lives, there are no uncomfortable questions raised in the assembly / parliament. After all why should they be raised? Issues related to common man are never brought to fore anyways. Am sorry for forgetting that; my mistake.

We as a country we are proud about making giant strides in technological and space frontier. Many of our citizens have proved to the others in their soils that how technologically advance we are. We have got multiple checks and are very strict in polices regarding import of products. But we can’t do simple things like stopping our eastern neighbours from filtering in unwarranted and infiltrating amongst us. Once they come in, we don’t know how to remove them. The only time their name comes in is when such blasts occur. And I bet these guys are still here and no steps are taken to remove them from infringing our rights. We talk about building nuclear devices (for peace purposes only..mind you). But apparently the fact that we are a nuclear capable country is not a deterrent in scaring our western neighbour from harboring mischief with us.

Nobody knows what is the root cause of all these problems; whether it’s the blatant corruption, the inept politicians, the overburdened police force, the apathy of the mumbaikars, I really don’t what is the real cause. My only appeal to all of you is: please don’t ignore these incidents and act as if nothings has gone wrong. Don’t present a happy face like how our politicians urge us to do. Today, if we as common citizens don’t stand up and express our anger, then who is going to fight for us? Please educate the people around you about the gravity of the situation and make them realize that its important to channel our voices. There are many forums (the Times of India initiative is one of them) through which our voices can be heard. Use them effectively and wisely to the fullest. Forget the world and the terrorists, at least let our politicians also realize that we Mumbaikars also bleed badly and we require to be adequately taken care of.


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